Independent Container Solutions offer installation of refrigerated containers. Refrigerated containers are a God sent in this scorching South Australian summer. Not only do they keep the perishable food items from spoiling, but also keep the beverages cold to provide a respite from the heat! However, it is important to have them professionally installed to ensure they are at their optimum performance.

Our team is trained to install your refrigerated container in the most suitable location, away from direct sunlight. We also recommend positioning the container atleast a metre away from the wall to allow for proper flow of air.

Power Connection
Once the refrigerated container is placed in the ideal location, our team will connect it to your power outlet. Given the mechanism running the container, a 415 Volt power outlet is apt for these insulated refrigerated containers. Under general conditions, your container will consume approximately 8 amperes of power when running.

Digital Thermometer
It is advisable to keep a check on the operating temperature of your refrigerated container. If you so require, Independent Container Solutions can also provide and prominently install a dial thermometer on the container.

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