A refrigerated container has a variable temperature between +25⁰C to – 25⁰C. A standard refrigerated container is made of stainless steel with a coating of 75mm Polyurethane Foam on the inside. The aluminum floors maintain the internal flow of cold air. A perishable good requiring storage at -20⁰C or below must be cooled to the storage temperature before loading it up in the refrigerated container.

Independent Container Solutions offer maintenance services for the refrigerated containers that we supply. You can either take our maintenance service on need-basis or opt for a customized annual preventive maintenance package. Regular maintenance of the container is essential for retaining its efficiency.

Qualified Team
Government guidelines recommend maintenance to be carried out by professional technicians only. All our technicians, welders and boiler-makers are fully qualified in their respective domains and have rich experience to back up their credentials. Licensed by the Institute of International Container Lessers, they are trained in material safety handling and are well acquainted with the International Standard Organization guidelines.

When you choose Independent Container Solutions for maintenance of your refrigerated containers, you can rest assured of being in safe hands!

Pre-Trip Inspection & Maintenance
We undertake thorough inspection of the container before it is loaded to ensure the coolers are functioning at the right temperature. Pre-trip inspection includes the following:

  • Comprehensive cleaning of the container to remove any dirt or odor that can tamper the perishable goods
  • Inspection of container from the inside to ensure compliance to specifications of food-grade
  • Checking of all machinery components in accordance to the industry standards

Coil Maintenance
ICS provide coil maintenance services for the cleaning of the condenser with either a hose or air-cleaning. Coil maintenance is vital for retaining the efficient performance of your refrigerated container, failing which the power usage will go up and eventually the system will shut down.

Other Features
Other components included in our refrigerated container service include cleaning of circulating fans for proper circulation of air and cleaning of humidity control drains.