A refrigerated container is just like your kitchen refrigerator. Regular service goes a long way in preventing unexpected downtime of your refrigerated shipping containers. Independent Container Solutions recommend the containers to be serviced at frequent intervals (quarterly or bi-annually) to sustain their efficiency.

Service Components
We have pre-defined service packages or we can also customize them to meet your needs. The parts that we service include:

  • Cooler fan
  • Motor
  • Level of gas in the condenser
  • Functioning of the defroster
  • Electronic calibration check
  • Cleaning and lubrication of container doors and hinges
  • Inspection of and treatment of rust
    • Expert Technicians
      At ICS, we have a team of qualified technicians who are licensed and fully insured. They are well-trained to ensure site safety and material handling safety. Not only will they service your refrigerated shipping container, but will also give you a friendly tip or two on how to enhance the efficiency of your container! Now, isn’t that the icing on the cake you wouldn’t want to miss!